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The Morph Massage Roller

As The Morph quite literally morphs between it's round shape for use and its flattened shape for storage, this roller is also designed to Morph you! At home, you can easily store it away when you aren't using it - just slip it under the couch! But more importantly , the collapsible functionality allows you to take it anywhere, unencumbered, so you can always take care of your body when you are out living your healthy life!

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$68.00 USD

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The Morph Massage Roller
68.00 New In Stock

The Morph's patented "nub" shape is designed to give you the most effective roller massage available, simultaneously relieving knots and flushing toxins from your muscles. Because it's most important to us, it's constructed of strong, eco-friendly materials like bamboo, recyclable foam, and aluminum. The Morph is like having a massage therapist, chiropractor, and stability trainer all in one single "go anywhere" device. Its designed to help you MOVE AND FEEL BETTER!

-The Morph Also includes a Mobility Deck which shows many different uses for this roller. 

  • Open Dimensions: 14-1/2in L x 5-1/2in Diameter
  • Closed Dimensions: 14-1/2in L x 6-1/4in W x 2in H
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Warranty: 2yr Limited Warranty