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Tumbl Trak: Train Smart





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  • T-Trainer with Folding Mini Ramp
    T-Trainer with Folding Mini Ramp
  • The underside of the T-Trainer
    The underside of the T-Trainer

T-Trainer Package 1

In the T-Trainer Package 1, we've bundled our popular T-Trainer with the Folding Mini Ramp which is a perfect sized run up ramp to the T-Trainer. Tumbl Trak's T-Trainer is a cross-over training device for gymnastics and more! Shaped like a vault top, springy like a Mini Tramp and as useful as a vault board, the T-Trainer will quickly become your favorite training aid. The softness and the rebound helps alleviate the athletes fear of learning new skills.

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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T-Trainer Package 1
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The new T-Trainer can help train skills for vault, tumbling and bars. The top surface is made with our Xtreme bed material and measures the same as a vault table, (3ft x 4ft). Your athletes will love this bouncy vault top for Yurchenko's, Tsuk's, Handsprings and more. 

Place the T-Trainer in front of the vault as a springboard or use it at a bar station to improve circling, handstand, or seat bouncing drills. The removable Suede Cover (sold separately), attaches by Velcro to the top, making it look and feel more like a traditional vault top. Even with the suede cover, the surface is a lot softer for the wrists and shoulders, which helps to reduce overuse injuries.

The T-Trainer is protected by Patent No: 9707427
The T-Trainer is the best purchase we ever made. It is the most versatile piece of equipment in the gym and we use it in the rec classes up through our optional levels to include our Men’s team. Even our T&T team has tried many times to “borrow” it from us because of its versatility. We are currently budgeting for our next T-Trainer now and hopefully we can get it before the season begins. During GAT 2016 I showed a friend the T-Trainer at your booth and he immediately ordered one. Fantastic product and we thank you!

-Cory Smith, Royals Gymnastics
  • 3ft wide x 4ft long
  • Height including pads and center overlay 14in on low end; 20in on high end
  • Weight limit of user = 175 lbs
  • Unit weight - 75lbs
  • Height of bed 12in on low end; 18.5in on high end
  • Ships fully assembled.


  • 2ft wide x 4ft long x 8in high
  • Folds in half to a 2ft x 2ft x 16in high block
  • 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabric
  • 55 ILD Polyfoam, sturdy nylon zippers and prime foam fillers

24 Months on material and workmanship.

What is the weight limit for the T-Trainer?
The weight limit is 175 pounds for the T-Trainer.
What skills can be done on the T-Trainer?
In the words of Al Fong, "If you think the T-Trainer is just for vaulting, you don't know gymnastics." The T-Trainer can be used for drills at all events...for both men and women.
Download the T-Trainer Owner's Manual here.

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