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Mobile Movement Package B

Pack Up and go PLAY! Tumbl Trak Mobile Movement Packages are a way to bring all the fun of fitness and gymnastics movement to schools, community centers, parks and recreation programs and more. Mobile programs are a great source of community outreach that can generate exposure, interest and revenue for your gym program!

Equipment is designed to be durable, portable and can be stored in a small space or transported in a vehicle! "Pack Up and GO PLAY" and watch how your community grows!

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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$4,987.95 - $5,019.95
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Mobile Movement Package B
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We've carefully selected packages of equipment that offer interchangeable pieces meant to create many stations of fitness play. Activities are geared toward inspiring movement that improve overall strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and core strength. Watch as your students learn the joys of activity and build self-confidence while moving!

Package B fits into a mini van. This mobile mini-gym is bound to make your class the most popular in town! These eye-catching, versatile pieces of equipment can be set up in different configurations each week, keeping kids interested and coming back for more! There are 1000’s of skills to learn using this action packed package which easily fits into a mini van.

Package Includes: (1) 5-in-1 Bar, (1) 5 Ft. Fitness Wheel, (1) 4’x6’x1.25” Flexi Mats, your choice of two Practice Mats (1) Booster Block, (1)Mama Bear Mat, (1) Hopscotch Mat, (1) Pit Pillow, (1) Laser Beam (1) Climbing Wall Overlay, (1) 4'x6' Carpet Overlay, (1) Small Hot Spot, (1) Hot Block, (2) 1 Ft. Fun Sticks and (1) Set of Hands and Feet

Download your Owner's Instructions for items in your Mobile Movement Package B here.

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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