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A unicorn, a monkey and a seagull walk into a bar…..

Posted on 6/19/2019
June 28th marks Tumbl Trak’s 31st year of doing what we do and we’re grateful for the friends and family we’ve had along the way. Birthdays are a time for reflection and gathering thoughts on what lies ahead. We asked some friends two questions to help us celebrate who we are and how far we’ve come, and we got some pretty cool answers!  Thanks for the birthday love!!!

What is Tumbl Trak’s spirit animal, and why????

  • Tigger - the reason should be apparent :)

  • I would have to say Tumbl Trak’s spirit animal would be a unicorn. Every piece of equipment they make is magical in some unique way and allows athletes the progress correctly from skill to skill.

  • Monkey because it's fun, intelligent, and creative all at the same time!

  • Tumbl Trak's spirit animal is a Cheetah because you're fast and furious in your endeavors and always chasing the next best thing!

  • Salty the She-gull because she has been there since the beginning, or at least close to it.

The good ole' Original Tumbl Trak and Air Floors have been a long part of our history. Is there another piece of Tumbl Trak Equipment that has surfaced in more recent years, that has made an impact on your program? How so?

  • Pit Pillows for Drills Progressions and Safety!

  • Boundex!!!!!!! I work as an OT and this piece has become my most used piece of equipment (alongside the climbing wall / power launch).

  • How do we pick just one??? T-Trainer for its incredible versatility, Forster Bar for facilitating endless bar drills, Laser Beam for helping create confident beam workers at all ages and levels...the list goes on and on.

  • The 3rd most important piece is the T-Trainer. But I also love the Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag so I'll call those TIED for 3rd.

  • The roundoff trainer (Hurdle Helper) is a piece of equipment my gym could not do without. The ability to correct and fix such a foundational skill in such an easy way has opened a world of new skills for so many athletes.

  • Laser Beams

  • I love all the low impact surfaces for training

  • The Laser Beams are a crucial part of our training system and are used daily within our program. It's improved athlete safety, skill progression and builds incredible confidence within our athletes. - Tammy & Sorin Salcianu @ Salcianu Elite Gymnastics