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Rainbows, Zig-Zags, Bungees and more to brighten your day!

Posted on 9/24/2020
Like a kid at Christmas, the Tumbl Trak Team gets giddy about releasing our new products.  We’ve spent months and years developing, testing, improving, testing and more testing for each product until finally, the product is ready to unveil!  This year we’ve got a rainbow of color to brighten your day, a perfect tumbling station, a safe solution for slipping mats, and so much more.  Check out our new products below and keep a lookout for new product videos releasing soon!

Rainbow Pizza Mat

One look at the Rainbow Pizza Mat will put a smile on your face and start your brain whirling with ideas for how your athletes will love using it. Colorful segmented wedges can be used as a classroom management tool to keep classes of kids working together. Or, separate into 2-panel pieces for even more, unimaginable fun uses. Propped up like pyramids, the learning space becomes a colorful forest for play or skills. Separated on the floor, each piece makes it's own skill station or island for play. For more information on the Rainbow Pizza Mat, click HERE.

Non Slip Strips

Safety is every teacher's number one concern, and our's too! These Non-Slip Strips are a safety game changer as they easily convert a mat that has a hook velcro bottom into a mat that stays secure when used on hard or vinyl surfaces. We've been loving how the Non-Slip Strips work when used on a Booster Block or Slanted Ninja Step! When placed on a vinyl surface like a tumbling mat, no more slipping and sliding! Check out the Non-Slip Strips HERE.

Bungee Suspension System

Developed with health, stability, and safety in mind, the Bungee Suspension System with its varied bungee resistance bands will allow athletes to improve their posture, core strength and joint stability as it relates to their gymnastics, dance, or cheer training. Hang the Bungee Suspension System from a bar, or fixed wall anchor for a focused full-body training station. Find more info HERE

Sticky Manipulatives

Sticky in a good way, (not the lollipop way), these Velcro Manipulatives will make their way into every lesson, station, drill, game you can think of! An entire colorful alphabet of "edu-fun'! Help preschoolers to learn shape identification and pathways using our shapes and directions set. Check out the fun HERE.

Perfect Tumbl Bundle

How about 10-20 feet of bouncy, downhill tumbling in a neat bundle? We are still realizing the potential of these two perfectly matched products - the Big Cheese Folding Incline and 3M Air Floor. Chosen for efficiency and versatility, preschoolers through elites will benefit from the various station possibilities! Did we mention, on sale this month?? Don't miss the photos and info HERE.

Laser Beam Conversion Top

Wildly popular in home and gyms everywhere, the Laser Beam is recognized as a must have piece of equipment for beam training at all levels. Now, convert your competition beam or Addie Beam into a Laser Beam training station with the Laser Beam Conversion Top. Use the lines and numbers to fine tune skills and bring confidence and consistency to new levels, literally! Take a look HERE

Fitness Wheel Hammock

Why do we need a hammock for the Fitness Wheel, you ask? Turns out, many therapists have transformed the Fitness Wheel into a useful tool for providing vestibular input to sensory seekers in Occupational and Physical Therapy clinics across the nation. The Fitness Wheel Hammock is a simple way to safely suspend the Fitness Wheel for users wanting to spin or swing in a cozy, colorful way. More information on the Fitness Wheel Hammock HERE

Performance Stall Bars

Stall Bars are well known for their versatility with strength training and conditioning exercises. You'll be impressed with Tumbl Trak's Performance Stall Bars, crafted with high quality wood, standard 8" spaced rungs with secure yet simple mounting features. Choose one or more sets for a useful workout station for athletes of all ages and abilities. More Performance Stall Bar information HERE