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Parent Tip: Understanding Your Role in the Athlete Triad

Posted on 3/7/2017

An athlete’s support system can be seen as a triangle of contributors - parents, athlete, and coaches,  each equally contributing to the athlete’s physical and psychological health and wellness.   Nurturing the relationships and responsibilities of each member of this triad takes a lot of finesse and strong communication.


Balance 180: A New Model for Gymnastics

Posted on 3/7/2017

Contributed by Bethany Friedrich, Special Needs Coordinator 

As the Special Needs Coordinator for Tumbl Trak, I have the wonderful opportunity to speak with gyms that offer adaptive or inclusive gymnastics programming, or even more often, gyms who are interested in starting a program for kids with special needs but don’t know where to begin.  Most have questions about logistics; who will coach the program?  How do we train volunteers?  What time should the class be offered?  Should the gym be empty?  Can I ...  


What do I do with a "sprinter" in my preschool class?

Posted on 3/7/2017
If you've ever taught a preschool gymnastics or recreation class, you know what we're talking about. The one child who is full of energy, and wants to be every where at once! They are a joy, but also sometimes hard to wrangle. We've asked some of our experts in the industry how they handle situations like these.  [More]

Program Highlight:  Onstage Dance Center, California

Posted on 2/9/2017
Expression and passion live in the soul of the dancer.  Behind every seemingly effortless performance is hours and hours of disciplined practice, focus and determination that is fueled by a spark from within that seems to explode on the stage. [More]

Q & A from the Peanut Gallery...

Posted on 2/9/2017

By Carrie Spender, Tumbl Trak Educational Coordinator and mom of two competitive gymnasts

Preparing for a gymnastics meet is a huge undertaking for coaches, athletes, parents, judges, and volunteers who all have their part, leading up to the big day, in making sure the event is a success. For us parents, once the bun is secured in place and the last good luck hug is over, we settle into our seats and get ready for the show.


Calming an athlete's nerves before a competition...

Posted on 2/9/2017
As many of us know, competition season can be stressful for coaches and athletes alike. When an athlete is nervous before a competition, they may not compete to their fullest potential, which is the opposite of what parents and coaches hope for. We, at Tumbl Trak, have reached out to some of our industry members and asked them for tips on how they calm their athletes before a competition. [More]

When you give a dancer a SOFT floor... (carpeted no less!)

Posted on 2/8/2017
Watching the fluid movement of a dancer is mesmerizing. At times, they appear to float in the air. Underneath the strength , grace, and poise of a dancers feet will typically be a floor surface that is smooth and silky, designed to allow for turn and leaps without being slippery. [More]

Be THAT Coach...

Posted on 11/10/2016
Teaching is a job that is  full of emotional high’s and low’s, that fills our hearts, (if not our bank accounts), and presents roadblocks that leave us stumped.  When a teacher is faced with a challenge, where does he/she turn for specific help?  

Luckily, there are many passionate, experienced gymnastics educators out there who are more than willing to help guide the flock.  

Beth Gardner, owner of Heart of Texas, is one of the greatest “brains” in the business.   Her impressive list of accomplishments and awards tell the tale of her experience as a movement educator, business owner, author, consultant, mentor and leader in the sport of gymnastics.  

Road To Rio: Olympic Recap

Posted on 8/23/2016
By James Parent

This is the one time every 4 years that all of my friends, who know nothing about gymnastics, are actually interested in the sport. It is the time where, despite our differences and issues, nations come together and show what they can do in the name of friendly competition. A video of Usain Bolt comes to mind, as he stopped an interview he was giving to pay respect as our national anthem (not his) came on in the background.  That is what it is all about.

It is safe to say that the USA women dominated the podium. There were some incredible statistics going around social media about how great our ‘Final Five’ performed. However, when I look at those girls (and the alternates) I can only think of one word: PRIDE. I am proud of them, not because of their place, but because they represent a work ethic unlike any other. I am proud that they embody the true Olympic spirit as they all had beaming smiles during the whole competition. I am proud of their determination because they didn’t allow setbacks like injuries stop them from moving forward. I am proud that these are the girls who are the role models for tomorrow's athletes.  

When looking back on this amazing event, there were some moments of questionable sportsmanship which the media focused on, but that is only a small fraction of the great athletes who carried themselves with dignity.  I see a collective group of athletes who are willing to put themselves on the line and try to push themselves every day in a sport that they love.  

When I think of the Olympics, I think of inspiration.  Anyone who makes it to the Olympics is a winner, regardless of the position they placed.  I am sure that you, your family and your friends felt inspired to be active, or be the best version of you that you can be.  Don’t let the end of the Olympics be the end of your inspiration.  Take time to re-watch an event, or past Olympics to feel that spark again. 

Always learning, sharing, and having fun!

Posted on 7/14/2016
Contributed by Carrie Spender Lennox

As the summer sun starts to shine,  many of us on the Tumbl Trak Staff know it’s time to pack our bags and hit the road.  Tradeshows and conferences keep us busy as we share great deals and information on products.  We delight in having face to face time with  hard working professionals from gyms around the nation.

In addition to the tradeshow floor, you’ll find Tumbl Trak Staff and Ambassadors in the classroom as well!  This year you can catch several presentations at Regional and National Congresses that highlight some great teaching tips, creative ways to teach progressions and games out the wazoo!

One of our newest presentations is titled Fun AND Effective, with the goal of offering a few fun ways to teach great habits and get results.  The live version of the presentation packs more of a punch, but, here’s a downloadable link to the Powerpoint we’ve shared with folks who attend our presentations.  You’ll find lots of videos and some tid-bits of useful information.  Enjoy!

Click here to see the presentation!

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